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... About the Download Service
... About Your Order
... About Downloading Products
... About the Download Service

What is the Download Service?

HERE's Download Center is available 24/7/365 for access to the product files for which your company has on order. The most recent release and the previous release if applicable, are available for immediate download. You'll receive an email notification each time there is a new release for any of the products you have on order.

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Who is eligible for the Download Service?

Your organization is set-up for the download service based on a signed license or evaluation agreement and an order for HERE products.

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How does it work?

You will receive a personalized email notification when a new release or products in your order are updated. The email notification includes a link to the HERE Maps Download Center which gives you on-demand access to Data Products and Product Documentation based on your order profile. Files are primarily organized by region i.e. Americas, Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA). Files can be selected by locating the Data Product within the Product Categories. 

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... About Your Order

What is included in the file that I download?

Each downloadable file is described on the Product List Page. A product consists of one or more downloadable files.

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How do I read / interpret the product and or file name?

Please refer to the Customer Technical Reference Guide (CTRG), a downloadable file found under Documentation & Tools.

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What do I do if a product is missing from my File Download page?

Within the Product List page, there may be two tabs labeled Current Release and Previous Releases, depending upon product and how many releases are available. The most current version is typically listed under the Current Release tab. It is possible after the end of the quarter as we prepare to release the next version that the most current release of a product, may appear in the Previous Releases tab. It is also possible that the most recent version and the prior version may coexist in the Current Release list. Products are always identified with the version i.e. 2016R2 or S161 preceding the Product Description.

You can use the Product Search option, found in the left menu panel, to help locate a product by typing in part of the name.

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How many times can I download the Data Products and Product Documentation?

You can download the Data Products and Product Documentation as many times as needed. This allows you to download multiple versions or from multiple locations. The Download Log for each product records each download, for your reference.

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Where can I get older versions of the Data Products and Product Documentation?

Older versions are generally accessed from the tab "Previous Releases" on the Product List page. There may be a temporary overlap of the current and the previous version files under the Current Release tab. If you need a version that is 3+ releases back, contact your Technical Customer Service representative to have the data restored.

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... About Downloading Products

How do I open downloaded TAR files on my PC?

TAR is a widely accepted industry archive format used for file collection and assembly into one larger file that preserves the original file system information, user and group permissions, file creation dates, and directory structures.

More information about TAR file archive format, software, and support can be found at There are many available software packages that are able to read, process and extract data from TAR. These include WinZip (, Gnu TAR ( - likely preferred for batch TAR processing), and gzip

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How are files transferred?

This service offers HTTPS via Akamai as the transfer method. FTP/sFTP are not supported

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Can I use an FTP Client to download?

FTP is no longer supported by this service.

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How long will my download take?

Your download time depends on the size of the file, the speed of your connection, the amount of traffic on the Internet, distance between user and the file location and the number of hops.

Can large files be downloaded internationally?

Yes, downloading internationally is as easy as downloading in the United States. Because we connect directly with multiple global internet service providers (ISP's), we are able to provide one-hop access to major hubs worldwide. Our load balancing technology automatically selects the best provider, maximizing download throughput so customers receive downloads through the fastest route possible.

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How do I know if my file downloaded completely?

You can elect to receive an email confirmation once the software has been successfully downloaded and/or in the event the download fails. To enable the email confirmation, go to Download Preferences found in left hand menu and choose Email Confirmation.

After the file has downloaded successfully, it is recommended to verify the MD5 fingerprint. The MD5 Signature (checksum) that shows on the download page for each downloadable file is a 128-bit fingerprint produced by the MD5 algorithm. This fingerprint is a 32-digit hexadecimal checksum produced using the file's original contents and can be reproduced just as any fingerprint can be taken twice. You can run your own MD5 algorithm using a checksum utility and then compare the values of the MD5 Signature of the downloaded image with the MD5 Signature provided on the download site. If they are the same, the file that you have downloaded is an exact copy of the original file. If the MD5 is different, then the download did not complete successfully even if the file size of the downloaded image is reported to be the same as the one on the site.

If you are in need of an MD5 checksum utility, they are widely available for download on the Internet. MD5 checksum comes with Linux, Cygwin and several Unix variations. Please check your system as it is well possible that you might have already installed this software on your system.

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Why is the byte count on the file I downloaded different than the listed size?

The file size listed is in bytes, your system may list files in either kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB) which are not exactly one thousand and one million bytes respectively. If the downloaded file is substantially smaller than the size listed it is possible that the download did not complete and you should start your download again.

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Why won't my .zip file unzip?

If you receive an error (e.g., not valid file format, or end of central directory not found) when trying to unzip your download, it typically means that you do not have a complete download. Please compare the file size listed on the File Download page to what you have on your system.

  • For files that equal or exceed 4GB, make sure you are using a version of software that can handle files larger than 4GB.
  • Check to see if you are using the most recent version of software i.e. Internet Explorer, WinZip.
  • Make sure there is enough room on the hard drive where the temporary folders reside.
  • Sometimes the un-ZIP software will use the Windows virtual paging file as a temporary storage area. In this case, the virtual paging file may be too small. Increase the size of the Windows virtual paging file.
  • Check the settings in the software used to un-ZIP. The settings may let the user specify the location and / or use of a TEMP file.

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How can I view product documentation online in a new browser window without downloading the file to a directory?

Clicking the Download button usually displays product documentation file contents in your current browser window; to return to the Download page, you must click the Back button on your browser menu. If you wish to open the product documentation file in a new browser window, right-click with your mouse over the Download button and select the "Open in New Window" option from the menu that displays. The product documentation file contents will open in a new window. Closing the window closes that file only; your session is still open.

For PDF files, you can also change the settings within your Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® so that all PDF files open in a separate browser window. Refer to the Help for your version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to adjust these settings. Once the settings are adjusted appropriately, closing the Adobe Acrobat Reader window closes that file only; your session is still open.

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